What to Expect

This short tax interview will guide you through a step-by-step process to submit required tax information to us. Before getting started, please review the following important reminders:

•  Navigation Tips: Always use the "Continue" and "Previous" buttons to navigate through

    the interview. Also, if you exit the interview prior to completion, your answers will be lost.

•  Get Help: If you need help answering a question, refer to the Help guide at the bottom-left

    corner of any interview page. In addition, pop-over help may be available when mousing

    over a field.

•  Be Accurate: Complete all required fields, including items with a red asterisks that

    are mandatory, and verify the information entered is accurate. Some fields may be

    populated with information previously entered.

•  Provide Electronic Consent: We will ask you to consent for electronic signature. If you

    do not provide it, you will be required to print and mail in your form to us.

•  Print Copy for your Records: At the end of the interview, you will have the option to print

    a copy of your IRS form.

•  Anti-Virus or in memory applications:  Certain anti-virus or in memory applications may

    interfere with your web browser and cause display issues within the tax interview. If you

    encounter any blank pages or forms, you will need to disable the software and start the

    interview over again.


Confused what the tax interview requires, please check out our FAQ’s here

Select the Help button above if you are having difficulty with this screen. Alternatively, email support at


We will now begin by collecting your tax information.

•  Privacy / data retention policy - please review here